Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

Every year, I contemplate the possibility of making actual New Years Resolution. I think, "it would be a good idea to...fill in the blank." What? lose weight, meet new people, exercise more, watch less awful tv?
This year I'm making the commitment, going the distance, these resolutions are getting made!

-Stop trusting first impressions
-Enjoy the little moments
-Cuddle more
-Get rid of labels (She's not the overly skinny blond bimbo, she's a woman, with positives and negatives like everyone else)
-Stop giving food so much power
-Be more outgoing (I don't care if it's cliche)
-And yes I would like to lose some weight, but it's the healthy body image I'm really concerned about

Sunday, December 20, 2009


I spent the last weekend house sitting for an older couple that I know from church. While I need the money for school and the job causes me no physical pain, after about a day or so, it starts to drive me a bit crazy.
There's nothing to do and the antique clock collection keeps me awake for hours when all I want to do is sleep. It's insanity-inducingly dull.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Today I went to the DMV to get a new driver's license. Since I've turned 18, I needed a new license that would remove the restrictions of an under-18 license. I went in, gave my old, unexpired license to the lady behind the counter and explained what I needed. After looking at my license for a moment, she sighed deeply and mumbled "Allright, but I'll have to make you a new license."
I'm sorry? Did I miss something?
Isn't that why I'm here?
To get a new license...right?
I gave her my information again, took another picture, and waited for her to finish.

There were no problems with this interaction. The woman was pleasant enough and I got my license. I was simply puzzled by the seeming lack of willingness to be helpful. If I asked for a new license, doesn't it make sense that's what I expect to get?

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Things I plan to bake in the next two weeks:
Sugar cookies
Spritz cookies (my favorite)
Thumbprint cookies - some with mini hershey kisses and some with raspberry jam
Lemon squares
Magic bars
Cardamom braid
A gingerbread house
Oreo balls

Other things I want to do:
Find a job
Watch more home movies with my family

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Little Things

They're back!

It's funny the little things you miss when you're away from home.
While I missed my parents, my sister, the friends I don't see at college, etc. I missed the little things more.
I missed cuddling with my dogs when lightning or loud noises scare them and they come to my room because they're scared.
I missed driving.
I missed watching the Big Bang Theory with my parents.
I missed Starbucks where the red cups are back!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Creative Gratitude

Flo, Irma, Mrs. Potts, and Millie

The curtain has fallen for the last time.
8 weeks of hard, tiring work culminating in 4 amazing performances
And now, it's all done.
So before this chapter closes for good,

Thank you to the cast!
Thank you to the crew!
Thank you to the director!
Thank you to the audiences!

For the fun times in the green room
For the photo shoots in the dressing room
For the curling iron burns and the innuendos
For the music sessions and the disney dancing
For the cake cuttings
For the jokes and the wonderful awkwardness
For the intercom craziness
For the random dressing room phone calls
For the antidote to lonlieness
For the tremendous growth
For the dramatic (pun intended) changes
For the crying, for the laughing, for the anger, for the love

Thank you, for everything, you are more wonderful than you can know!
And now it's over. But nothing really ends, these moments will go on and on, the past 8 weeks may be over but the lessons we've all learned will continue on into all our futures with constant renewal. Soul and creativity never get old, they never end.
Neither will this gratitude.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Theatrical Questions

Let's be honest folks, I love the theater.
I love watching it, I love being in it, I love the people I meet, I love the lessons I learn, I even love the hair and make-up (crazy, I know).
For the past 8 weeks a group of 15 other students and I have been working our tails off to put together a production that we like to think is of a professional caliber. Tonight is opening night.
As a play, it has a bit of everything. Romance, comedy, love, tragedy, family, conflict, even things that, to our conservative college community, may seem highly inappropriate like sex, drinking, and even a big fight scene.
With so many themes and elements that can, all over, seem rather depressing, we, as a cast have been forced to ask ourselves "What are we actually giving to the community with this performance?"
With a story centered around a beautiful young girl who cheats on her boyfriend and a slightly older couple who can't seem to find lasting happiness, will this play just depress everyone or is there something bigger that we can leave the audience thinking about?
Here is what I've come up with:

What does age really mean?
Does love have an age limit?
How closely related is love to physical attraction, to sex?
Is there a use for beauty? What is it?
Does infatuation play a role in happiness?
What happens when your happiness depends on another person?

Now, these are not easy questions. And this list barely scratches the surface of this issues this play covers. But it often feels like our campus, as a whole, takes the easy way out. That we excuse things and use "Sunday school answers" to difficult questions that, in reality, require much more critical thinking.
I hope everyone in the cast feels good about their performance tonight. I hope the audience gets the jokes and takes the drama seriously. I hope the crew and tech run smoothly, without hiccups or mistakes. I hope no one misses a cue or misplaces a prop.
But, most of all, I hope this play leaves the audience with serious questions (just as it has for the cast) and that no one gives an easy answer to their quandaries and goes home to focus on other things.

Curtain is in an hour, time to get my hair done and finish my make-up!