Sunday, November 8, 2009

Creative Gratitude

Flo, Irma, Mrs. Potts, and Millie

The curtain has fallen for the last time.
8 weeks of hard, tiring work culminating in 4 amazing performances
And now, it's all done.
So before this chapter closes for good,

Thank you to the cast!
Thank you to the crew!
Thank you to the director!
Thank you to the audiences!

For the fun times in the green room
For the photo shoots in the dressing room
For the curling iron burns and the innuendos
For the music sessions and the disney dancing
For the cake cuttings
For the jokes and the wonderful awkwardness
For the intercom craziness
For the random dressing room phone calls
For the antidote to lonlieness
For the tremendous growth
For the dramatic (pun intended) changes
For the crying, for the laughing, for the anger, for the love

Thank you, for everything, you are more wonderful than you can know!
And now it's over. But nothing really ends, these moments will go on and on, the past 8 weeks may be over but the lessons we've all learned will continue on into all our futures with constant renewal. Soul and creativity never get old, they never end.
Neither will this gratitude.

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