Friday, January 29, 2010

Untitled as of yet

Someone told me that my very own Romeo was on his way,
And that got me thinking Romeo knew Juliet a single day
Before he proposed
What did he really know about her?
“Soft, what light through yonder window breaks,
It is the East and Juliet is the sun”
Kinda sounds like
“Damn, that chick’s fine.
I gots to get me some of that, hun!”
But your infatuation
With watching me from the shadows
Of some tree my family planted
Back before this rivalry had gone crazy
Kinda seems like you just like the situation
Of being able to objectify me
Of looking at me without my knowledge
Without my consent
Of being able to stare
Then act like your voyeurism isn’t wrong
‘Cause “Baby I’m a man!
And damn, I’ve loved you so long”
When don’t you act more like Mercutio
Be in a perpetual state of stoned
Or do what Benvolio says
And just go on home
Seems to me you could even take a lesson from Paris
In how to treat a lady
He might not be so strong
So tall
So dashing
So daring
So big and manly and muscular
But he knows a thing or two
Like how to talk to someone
And tell them the truth
He might not be blinded my beauty
But he pays attention to my mind
Even your own Mercutio
Has some kind of clue
Seems to know about wooing a woman
A little better than you
He might make jokes
Like a woman would never dream
Speaking of his bauble,
His tale,
His pump
His bawdy hand
Which might thus strike noon
When he casts an eye upon my loveliness
Which you say you love
He may not speak with words of love
Vows of undying devotion
But he does not lie
He does not put his false feelings
Into deeds and words
He stands straight up
And declares his seediness
While you hide yours
In shadowy orchards
And under professions of amor
So go, tell your Romeo,
His “I love you” is a little too belated
Maybe I’m just jaded
But I don’t want to be your Juliet
How do you know you love me?
Fool, we just met
Maybe I’m not your typical
Size two
High-heeled shoe
Short skirt
Tight shirt
You know, big-chested
Baby doll
Sugar pie
Honey bunch
Treat me like a baby because my mind isn’t strong enough to take care of itself
And stare at my body ‘cause from the neck up sure isn’t worth your time
But Juliet never appealed to me
You don’t love me
You just think I’m pretty
And Romeo,
Oh Romeo
There’s so much more to love
Honey, you don’t even know

Monday, January 18, 2010


There are not enough hours in the day, days in the week, weeks in the year to accomplish all the things I want to do with my life. So...we're prioritizing children!
Well...we're making a list at least.

Things I Want to Accomplish Before Graduation 2013:
-Theater Major
-An Abroad, preferably England
-Something with Mass Comm/Photography
-Be musical in some form
-Live with Babe more
-Feel better about myself
-Find the perfect temperature for sleeping
-Write successful poems/monologues of my own
-Make some kind of difference for someone
-Get a new laptop (sorry cammie, you're just getting old)
-Be an RA
-Be on a house board
-Expand my movie & music collections
-Perfect my morning coffee/mocha recipe
-Find an actual job
-Figure out some semblance of a plan for life after specifics, but a basic outline would be nice